Where it started

Cristian Gomez has spent countless hours during his fourteen years of career journey, exploring different data and analytic roles, and learned how to use data in driving change inside organizations. Along the years, Cris noticed how some people are incredibly successful in leading change, and got inspired. This fueled his passion in working and helping others learn best practices in leadership.

But leading this kind of change is not easy to do for others, especially without the knowledge how to make it happen. That’s why he decided to take on the role and dedicate a part of his life to teaching and mentoring others unleash their true potential as leaders, especially in the data and analytic space, as well as move forward in their career journey.

Our Vision

To nurture a data-savvy community with mutual interests and passion for data.


Our Mission

Teach data professionals to become capable leaders that excel in their industry, step by step.

Our Promise 

We want not just to make a positive impact in your careers, but as well helping you advance in your life journey through affordable education and topics that are relevant for any organization that you belong to.

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