Learn how to become a data leader, one step at a time. 

Who is a Data Leader?

A Data Leader is a person who combines an interest in data science with a passion for leading people toward appreciation and understanding data. It can be someone in the field of analytics or management, that is driven to influence the industry of the growing importance and value of data.

If you find yourself within that definition, then you are 'it'.

But in Data Squad Academy, we want to add more value to its definition. We believe that by nurturing data professionals, they can take more out of this character and be able to advance their careers while improving their impact on any organization they belong to.

Ready for the first step?

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Be among that lead the changes in today's business environment

In this day and age with data, leaders have proven to be more skillful than ever at finding unique solutions to various business or organizational problems.

You can't afford NOT to be grabbing in this opportunity to show how you can lead success with your passion and skills in data.


What you will learn with hands-on coaching:

  • HOW to manage data as a valuable asset to any business or organization.
  • WHEN is data most impactful in solving problems
  • WHO to influence in making data efficient and effective.
  • WHY data is strategically important to any industry.
  • HOW to create a data-driven culture.

Looking for a custom program?

Data Squad Academy also has CONSULTATION services that can help you or your team with training and education on visual analytics, BI, or IT topics. Send us your inquiry, and let us know how we can work together on a customized action just for you and your team.

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